Our Journey

Project Get Flamed! : A Ground-Up Initiative

While gaming is an avenue for many youths to relax and have fun, it's difficult to deny the normalisation of deep-rooted toxicity within the gaming community. The lack of moderation, combined with the anonymity feature, has brought about a rise in toxic behaviour such as poor conflict management, insensitive language towards others and blatant cyber-bullying amongst youths.

Our project seeks to underline the chain of reactions it has amongst gamers and their circle of relationships, and empower youths to take the first step to build a more inclusive, positive gaming community.

Project Milestones

On 15 August 2020, the team successfully pitched our project idea to the Ministry of Education's Senior Management and was one of the 4 groups selected to receive funding to build our prototypes.

Early January 2021, the team had the opportunity to conduct an asynchronous pilot programme with 34 Tanglin Secondary School students to gather ground sentiments on our project prototypes.

On 23 January 2021, the team was invited to present our project prototypes to the Minister of State for Education Ms Sun Xueling and MOE Senior Management.

On 10 December 2021, the team successfully received funding from the Infocomm Media Development Authority under the Our SG Fund for Digital Readiness to expand our project.

Where We Are Now

Our team has grown in strength over the months, with a common goal of building a more inclusive, positive gaming community for our fellow youths.

We have partnered TOUCH Cyber Wellness to strengthen our project prototypes, and we look forward to more exciting partnerships to share our important message with the community.