Virtual Adventure

Experience Gaming in a Renewed Light

The Virtual Adventure brings youths through a specially curated journey, where they will be able to evaluate, connect and apply their learning on toxic culture gained from the Conversation Series.

Youths will be able to choose their own adventure, and experience first-hand the repercussions of their actions in a safe environment.

Another Round? : An Educational Drama

Every Action Has Its Own Consequences

It's the March holidays, and Ryan, Ben and Aqmal have met up at their usual study spot to work on their Geography project. The three boys are known to be the best of friends, and unsurprisingly always teamed up together for school projects and assignments. 

The three boys love playing online games together as their go-to group pastime. Every group hangout will always be accompanied by at least a round of game together. However, the arrival of a “Double XP” Event has fuelled competitiveness, and destructive flaming behaviour in the group. Ryan did not know how to respond to such deviant behaviours, and consulted his online friend about it. Ryan was convinced that it was considered “normal” in the gaming community, and the only way to respond is by reciprocating the deviant behaviour forward. The cloak of anonymity was abused, giving Ryan the thrills of getting back at his friends.

It was only when his friends realised that Ryan started acting strange the next day, that Ben decided to confront Ryan about it. Despite Ryan’s denials, the truth was out. 

Will this be their last game together, or will there be another round?

The Virtual Adventure Team

Introducing the people who built up our Virtual Adventure prototype:

Isa, Wei Mou, Yusuf, Darwin, Muhd Ilham, Jarel, Ady, Nurfira, Nabilla, Vivi, Joy, Gwenneth, Kimberly, Justin, Jun Sheng, Nor Ilham