Outreach Workshop

Community Programme

Our community programmes feature a live panel for our Gaming Conversation Series, where participants get a chance to pose questions to our speakers for their thoughts and experience in the gaming world.

Past speakers included a shoutcaster, gaming broadband company, local gamers and more!

Participants will then be brought through the Virtual Adventure, where they get to make a collective decision on their choices as they move forward with the storyline. 

School Programme

Our school programmes can come in the form of an assembly talk and an in-class workshop!

During the assembly sharing, our team provides an insider look into the gaming scene, such as the different gaming genres and toxicity involved. The assembly sharing provides a useful primer into what gaming is all about before proceeding with the in-class workshop.

Our facilitators will then bring the students through a guided discussion on gaming toxicity, focusing on how it impacts both gamers and n0n-gamers alike. This will be supplemented by our Gaming Conversation Series and Virtual Adventure videos, that serves as an educational tool to engage students on the topic. 

We are always open to organising variations of our programmes to suit your participants' needs, hence do reach out to us for a chat!

Gaming Community

We Are Expanding Online!

It is our humble hope that we get to build a safe space for our youths to enjoy gaming. As such, we are looking to kickstart our social channels such as Discord! You can expect opportunities to interact with gamers of similar interests, and hear regular sharings from the gaming community on matters close to our heart, such as managing our mental health and even a career in the gaming industry.

We expect to launch this initiative in 2023, so do stay tuned for it! :)

If you would like to join and support us on this journey, click on the button below and we will reach out to you shortly.